B2B Landing Page Optimization

Another hilarious story.

Software as a service company, and this is a B2B lead gen scenario. Landing page optimization is fun. I can do this stuff in my sleep, under water, blindfolded, both arms tied behind my back and upside down – but one thing is for sure, B2B lead gen is a tough nut to crack.


  • Category: B2B Software as a Service (Cloud Collaboration)
  • Location: Landing Page
  • Opportunity: Driver of all sales leads. Increase in leads and increase in quality leads is the name of the game.
  • General Idea: Let’s discover our “a-ha moment” here
  • General Hypothesis: Start off with micro a/b testing to understand what elements of the landing page end users are responsive to.

This is literally what happened. I was in the office and I stumbled across a banner I had seen a million times. Only this time I stopped to actually read it – yes banner ad blindness is real: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banner_blindness.

The banner stated, “Over 86% of the Fortune 500 use MindJet”. Now, I paused a moment and thought, “Um, that is an incredible testimonial”. And I realized this quote was not located anywhere on our website.

30 seconds later, I added the quote into our landing page and ran an a/b test. I let the a/b test bake and boom – 15% increase in conversion/ leads.

Now I’m a giant advocate of discovering your “a-ha moment” and exploiting it. Let’s examine what happened. Social validation matters. In this case the right kind of social validation was key. Just another aspect of FOMO.

The funny thing is, I was the only one leveraging this type of marketing. To really exploit this new insight, think of all the various things we could do:

  • Localize to other landing pages
  • Incorporate in email nurturing campaigns
  • Further leverage this content down the funnel in our ecommerce flow
  • Curate across all ad spend
  • Think of all the possibilities with content marketing strategies

The list goes on 🙂

Brion Hickey