Brion Hickey Speaking Engagements

Speaker Optimizely Growth Stack Webinar 2017

Speaker Amplitude Product Analytics Summit 2017
A Technology Growth Stack
Build trust in your marketing reports
User Testing isn’t expensive anymore
A/B test across the entire customer journey (Marketing and Product reach)
Leverage Optimizely to pass recipe level information into Amplitude
Allow Amplitude to correlate recipe level behaviors to push end users to a ah moment

Speaker Sirius Decisions Summit – Experimental Frameworks for Triple Digit Growth 2017
Triple digit growth starts with measurement  
Results compound when you focus experience on a linear funnel

Speaker Optimizely Annual Kickoff 2017
How do bold ideas lead to big gains

Speaker  Mixpanel Annual Kickoff 2017
How product measurement leads to greater insights  
Panel speaker

Speaker Ecom Innovation Summit 2016
Iterative testing leads to exploitable ideas
Take key findings and apply them to other areas of your experience

Brion Hickey